Well...this IS a bio page, so I guess a little about myself is in order.
I was raised early on listening to 78s by Little Richard, The Coasters, Elvis, and most of the other early rock and roll practitioners. I was even dragged screaming to the very first Elvis movie.
 That was all from my mother. My father, on the other hand was into rockabilly and gospel, and I remember from an early age ( maybe 3 years old ), guys around with big ole archtop acoustics and jam sessions going on. My dad did some singing and harmonica playing. I also had an uncle who played dobro on the radio.
  My first live music exposure was to all night gospel singing at the city auditorium from groups such as The Florida Boys, The Statesmen's Quartet, and Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliners. I didn't get the religious aspect, but I really liked the live music.
  My first big time shows were going to see the Chet Atkins, Boots Randolf and Floyd Cramer show several times when it came to town.
  I had wanted to play guitar since I was a toddler, but never got any lessons. My first taste of musicianship was as a drummer. My buddies had guitars already, so at 14 I got a set of drums and drum lessons. We fooled around for a little while and then they faded away from music.
  When I finally got good enough to get noticed, I was asked to join a soul band.So I spent a year or so playing all the soul standards by James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding and their contemporaries. I continued with that band, loading my drums in the singer's 58 Chevy and being warned not to tear his tuck & roll upholstery with my kit, and driving his car home ( even though I was under age ) when he got too drunk at the gig. In fact, what ended my tenure with that band was my being under age. We got offered a house gig at a bar but they wouldn't let me in, so I had to go.
  By this time I had a couple of guitars around and had been picking up some chords, but now it's the late 60s and I began playing drums in a rock band called Axis. We worked for Discovery Inc. and gigged all around the area, even taking part in the Piedmont Park concerts with other notable locals and bigger names like The Allman Bros., Delaney & Bonnie, Chicago Transit Authority, The Grateful Dead, etc.. That lasted a few years until the scene died.
  I began playing guitar in earnest in an acoustic duo. We played a lot of blues, along with originals and oddball numbers from the likes of Frank Zappa. We played a lot locally and even had Johnny Jenkins come and sit in with us ( Otis Redding got himself noticed as the roadie for Johnny's band ). Johnny offered us a chance to go to Booker T's studio and recorde with him, but like fools, we turned him down. I guess Duane Allman got the slide gig on his album instead...hahaha ( I had been playing playing slide for quite a while on an old National I got from a junk store for $5 ).
  With my buddy in the duo ,we did get an interesting gig going to Toronto to play 4 songs with backup from Count Basie's band for a nude beauty pagent.....that was FUN !
  I played guitar for a few short lived rock bands, but by then all I really wanted to do was play the BLUES. I formed my own band, "Cold Duck". We played up and down in the east from Roanoak Va. to Miami Fla. for a few years. Playing many of the same venues as The Nighthawks, The Destroyers, and Omar & the Howlers. We toured with New Riders of the Purple Sage, George Thorogood, and a few others. We shared the bill with Tinsley Ellis, The Brains, and even REM. We opened for Albert Collins, Greg Allman, and others.
  I did do a short stint for a year or so playing guitar with Billy Joe Royal ( Down In the Boondocks, Hush, I Knew You When, Cherry Hill Park, etc. ). That was fun and Billy Joe is a helluva singer, but he went country, and I had to get back to the blues. Though we did do a couple of concerts with Jerry Lee Lewis before I left.
  I left Billy Joe to tour Sweden with The Bill Blue Band ( Adelphi Records ). Now were talking BLUES.
After returning from Sweden I played for a couple of months down in Key West with Bill Blue, but then I had to get back to my own thing. I got my own band back together with different incarnations and floated in and out of the Atlanta Blues Scene until I went to Australia  where I recorded a cd ( it's mentioned elsewhere on the site ). My visa expired and I wound up back here in Atlanta ( temporarily, I hope, but it's been a while ), where I'm again, just playing the blues any way I can.
  That's enough babbling. The only thing that matters is the music, and I hope you dig it. All this other stuff is just words so that search engines can find me.
Just remember to DIG THE BLUES !